Connecting To Your Vision: Using A Data First Approach

Data First

We take the phrase "Data-Driven" literally. That is why every project is developed using our Data First approach.

Understanding Client Objectives

We focus on delivering sustainable solutions that meet our clients’ individual needs and ensure that your technical and financial objects are being achieved.

We believe it is essential to fully investigate and understand the desired results and objectives that are specific to each community we serve.

In addition to our demonstrated expertise in implementing large-scale infrastructure improvements that deliver proven savings and operational efficiencies, our team includes industry-recognized experts specializing in data expression, visualization, and monetization whose mission is to help communities access, unlock, and extract maximum revenue and strategic value from their data.

Our team of industry experts have decades of experience working with municipalities, utilities, and campuses. As a result, they realize that billions of dollars in measured energy and operational efficiency are the true drivers behind any successful and economically sustainable connected city program.

The CCI Team

We are a team made up of of passionate industry-thought leaders who understand that there is much more to implementing successful Urban IoT programs than lighting networks, installing sensors and gathering data.